Aug. 3rd, 2011

The local political fuckwit showed up at our neighborhood planning session tonight, despite the fact that he doesn't live in the neighborhood... or in the city, for that matter.  This guy is a gem-- he flies an Israeli flag emblazoned with swastikas on his house.  He's on his fourth pseudonym, making him effectively his own sockpuppet.  And last week, he took out a charming ad in the local paper advising people not to vote for one of his political opponents... because she's Jewish.  And because she didn't take her husband's last name, and a slew of other reasons designed to appeal to bigots.  Because when you run an ad, and there's a Star of David next to the name of your opponent, right next to the message "Do not vote for this person," that's awfully hard to misinterpret.

Mind you, everything he's doing is within the boundaries of the law.  I realize it wouldn't be in some countries, but here in the US of A, fuckwits like him are just exercising their constitutionally protected right to be fuckwits, even if Jew-baiting and swastikas are involved.  Anyway, he caused a scene at the meeting tonight-- attacking the moderator for not being a city employee or a city resident, stirring up the tables around him, and starting things off on a very nasty note before storming out in a calculated tantrum.  Then he proceeded to leave flyers on everyone's cars.  He seemed to have a female accomplice, who was grousing about how the city needed to go back to the way it was when Mayor Hubbard was running the show-- in other words, the days when black people weren't welcome here.   She left, too, and fortunately things settled down from there and we actually had a productive session, and nobody put anything about "getting rid of the colored people" on the suggestion list. 



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