Nice Super Bowl ad there, Pete Hoekstra.  I used to think you were a pretty decent guy I didn't agree with.

I see you've deleted your negative comments on Facebook.  I also see your Facebook followers claiming that this ad is "not racist" and is "pro-Chinese".

I think you, and they, are overtly racist.  And fuckwits.  And if you're just pretending to be a racist fuckwit to drum up the racist fuckwit vote and get yourself a Senate seat, shame on you.
I wish.

Troy is one of my least-favorite suburbs of Detroit, a place at odds with the things I cherish about the region.  Troy, for me, is the sterile corridor of Big Beaver pockmarked by pricey chain restaurants.  I realize they have some good points, including the Troy Athens High School (which did a really cool "Live ISS" encounter for students a while back) but overall, the place is not for me.

Especially now.

Let's see... in between the charming new mayor and the idea to scuttle a regional transit center that the governor and the Chamber of Commerce backed, the place looks more than ever like a magnet for the kind of people who would destroy Michigan to "save" it.  And save it from what?  Federal funding?  Poor people?

Screw the Somerset Collection.  I will not spend money again in Troy until the place gets a political cleansing.  And I encourage anyone with a shred of either civic decency or an interest in human dignity to do the same.
It's one thing to know you're in the same voting precinct as the mayor of your city, and another thing to see Mayor O'Reilly waiting his turn in line as you spin around, completed vote in your hand.

The woman holding up a George Darany sign on the street outside the polling place (an elementary school) asked the guy holding the Suzanne Sareini sign if he wanted to share her pizza for dinner.  He looked surprised and said no.  Maybe he just didn't like Hot-N-Ready?

I picked up some "shortbread cookies" from the bake sale table there at the school.  They turned out to be sugar cookies-- soft and chewy instead of dry and crumbly.  I like sugar cookies, but I bought them under the impression they were little rounds of shortbread.



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