I wish.

Troy is one of my least-favorite suburbs of Detroit, a place at odds with the things I cherish about the region.  Troy, for me, is the sterile corridor of Big Beaver pockmarked by pricey chain restaurants.  I realize they have some good points, including the Troy Athens High School (which did a really cool "Live ISS" encounter for students a while back) but overall, the place is not for me.

Especially now.

Let's see... in between the charming new mayor and the idea to scuttle a regional transit center that the governor and the Chamber of Commerce backed, the place looks more than ever like a magnet for the kind of people who would destroy Michigan to "save" it.  And save it from what?  Federal funding?  Poor people?

Screw the Somerset Collection.  I will not spend money again in Troy until the place gets a political cleansing.  And I encourage anyone with a shred of either civic decency or an interest in human dignity to do the same.


Nov. 29th, 2010 11:54 pm
 Sometimes I wonder which is more insane-- Macomb County or Lenawee County?

On balance, probably the entire Thumb.  But Macomb and Lenawee have both spawned a series of true-crime stories from hell lately.
 I'd like to say that Andrew Shirvell, assistant attorney general for my current state of residence, does not represent the good people of Michigan.

I'd like to-- except that he's basically an encapsulation of the fear and loathing that is, indeed, representative of a good many Michiganders.  He's a distillation of the bigotry that remains so pervasive that a good friend of mine feels that he must-- in 2010!-- bring a female friend to be his "date" at a co-worker's wedding, out of fear that anything less will cost him his job if word circulates back to the boss.

Now, I don't believe that most of the men and women of Michigan who are not comfortable with homosexuality, or who believe it to be "unnatural" and wrong, are headcases like Shirvell-- or "closet cases," either.  Shirvell's obsession is so focused, so deranged, that I think it's fair to raise the question of his own orientation, but I don't believe most homophobes aren't are latent homosexuals any more than I believe that anti-Latino bigots are secret illegal immigrants.  It does not follow.  But the bigotry, the intolerance, is endemic regardless... and the effects are damaging.



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